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Quality Assurance

Providing our customers with the highest quality products and services is a top priority at Abhinandan Steel India. We are customer-focused and adhere to strict principles of continuous improvement to meet our customers’ high expectations.We strive to manufacture products and parts to meet customer specifications and safety standards.
The company follows a demanding set of policies and procedures to achieve business performance and continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our quality management system. We have established a set of engineering test systems and constantly invest into state-of-the-art measuring equipment and in-depth employee training. 

We are in the constant pursuit of attaining “zero defects on all products produced” and “100% on time delivery” to ensure the utmost in customer satisfaction.

Quality Policy
To exceed the expectation of customers by providing quality power storage product at reasonable cost coupled with sufficient information and effective after sales support.
Company’s Operating Principals
• Deliver high quality premium products.
• Provide effective service to customers, Stakeholders and people.
• Manufacturing on eco-friendly technology.
• To empower & make continuous improvement on part of every individual.
• Provide unmatched quality in everything.
• Eliminate every form of waste & effective disposal of hazardous and toxic waste.
• Use technology as a tool to empower workers and consumers.
• Accept changes as an opportunity and embrace new technological changes.
• Establish a learning environment at every level.

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